About Us

We are a church committed to seeing the Skagit Valley LIVING in the Fullness of Christ 

Welcome to Immersion Church

Here at Immersion, we believe that scripture is our starting block. It has to be. Within the Bible we have found that life with God can be broken down into five relatable categories.
1. Walking with God.
2. Spiritual warfare.
3. Community.
4. Healing.
5. On Mission.

We have found that the life of Jesus comes through these five avenues, and we are all about them in every facet of life. We believe that in order to really receive the "life overflowing" that Jesus offers, it is paramount to engage in these five practices.

The story of Immersion Church

Immersion Church is a member of the “Converge Worldwide” fellowship of churches as well as “Wild at Heart Ministries.”    

Randy began in Converge by serving as an Associate Pastor at Cascade Community Church of Monroe, Washington.  Cascade then supported Randy and his family in planting Adventure Community Church in Duvall, Washington.  Randy pastored that church for twelve years as the Lead Pastor.  Adventure Church planted 3 other churches during that 12-year period.  Garat began his ministry career at Adventure as the Youth Pastor in 2015.

They would both refer to their time as professional pastors in “main-stream” warehouse-style evangelical Church as wonderful and helpful in so many ways. However, they also think of it as somewhat lacking in terms of what “church” offers. American Evangelicalism has come to offer largely an anonymous spectator experience. Its members are often not truly known nor do many truly find their unique place in the story God is telling.

When it comes to “life to the full” that Jesus said He came to bring, we find that few Christian church attenders would say that they are experiencing it. Through studying the Word of God, we find that the Life of God comes to us through the 5 different streams or paths. Few find that “life to the full” Jesus spoke of because they are not walking in all five streams.

Both Randy and Garat as well as their spouses have experienced profound spiritual and soul transformation through events facilitated by Wild at Heart Ministries that introduce how to walk in all five. As we have engaged these streams, our hearts have come alive, and we have fallen more in love with Jesus. Life to the full feels normal. Bringing this to others is our passion and heartbeat. The five streams have become our Core Values. A life immersed in Jesus will require walking in all five.
Converge Worldwide
Converge, as an organization, is very missionally driven.  They wish to advance the Kingdom of God.  Both Adventure Church of Duvall and Immersion Church of Mount Vernon have benefited by being a part of this movement.  Converge has offered great help in an advisory role as well as significant financial support for both. Converge has carried the loan enabling Immersion to own a building very early in our planting journey.  

A church’s affiliation with Converge requires no financial obligation and no ecclesiastical control.  It is truly a fellowship born out of the realization that we can advance the Kingdom more effectively together.

Converge was previously known as the “Baptist General Conference”.  However, before that in the 1800s and early 1900s was known as the “Swedish Baptist Conference.” One interesting distinction is that the Swedish Baptists did not arise out of the Anabaptist tradition which forms the root for most of the other Baptist denominations such as the Southern Baptists or Conservative Baptists.  The Swedish Baptist Conference is born out the Mennonite Brethren and Pietist movements.  

 The significance of this is the emphasis on listening prayer and intimacy with God that is so prevalent in the Quaker tradition.  Also noteworthy is the lack of Calvinistic influence among the Swedish Baptist churches, which for the most part seems to have stayed consistent through to today’s Converge churches. It's not that Converge churches today are necessarily slanted Arminian.  Simply stated, the Converge fellowship is far more missionally driven than it is driven by doctrinal sub-topics such as how sovereignty works.